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Piadina Romagnola a timeless recipe

Piadina Romagnola a timeless recipe
Recipe piadina, a timeless success the bread of Romagna

There is no Romagna who can do without, which ones will be its shape reminiscent of the sun, that will be fragrant and goodness on the palate with its many accompaniments but you're not in romagna if you do not eat a nice "Piada" as we say.
Each house has its own secret, azdore hundred, a hundred different variations but here we give a basic version, change it up to you to enrich it and make it your recipe unsurpassed.
put on the board and have a mound of white flour with 1 kilo within 150/200 gr. lard (or oil) a pinch of salt and one of baking soda and away, untie the arm and begin to knead adding warm water to get the right consistency. First you divide the dough into small balls which are then "pull" with Matarello winning drives in about 2/3 mm thick and with a diameter corresponding to the pan that you have (there are of cast iron, aluminum, non-stick, and those celibri terracotta Montetiffi). Put the pan on the stove and reached the temperature begin to cook the piade, one by one, here each one has its own version, we are of the opinion that they will not burn everything else is permissible. Ready, warm and fragrant cut them in half and fill it with things that you like, we'd eat it for breakfast too :-)
If you want to give us your own version or suggest a recipe do not hesitate to contact us.

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